At the core of our company is our human capital. We have some of the most touted names in sports on our board and use that expertise to better the teams we invest in. Everything from front office duties, player health and wellness, to culture and identity- we make teams better.

We seek opportunities across all sports, worldwide. We engage in a thorough due diligence process prior to making our assessment of the worthiness of the project. If we see an area we can immediately impact we will bring our team of seasoned management professionals into the franchise to enhance the objectives and ultimately the revenue of the club. We have the flexibility to offer executive level assistance across all business lines or we can go deeper and take on the whole project – similar to our club acquisition in Pau France.

Real Estate

In order to drive the value in our sports assets, we invest heavily in the club and its location. From liquidity, debt structuring, development and planning, to sustainability, our team builds value through land development. It is a key pillar to our success and our mission.

The Real estate piece of the project can oftentimes be the driver of a significant amount of revenue. Whether that is re-capitalizing the existing building that the club plays within or if it is vacant land near the arena (similar to our project in Pau, France) we have a team that can optimize the club’s goals. Building on a sustainable platform is also of paramount importance to our mission.

Tokenization Model

We leverage blockchain technology to tokenize the underlying asset class. This offers liquidity solutions to current stakeholders, allows fans to hold economic interest, and allows employees to have equity in the company they work with.

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