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Chamber of Digital Commerce

An article from CounterPointe Sports Co-Founder David Otto, published in the Chamber of Digital Commerce, discussing a proposal that could provide liquidity to minority owners in the NBA and enable a broader range of investors to secure an ownership interest in a professional sports team.

Increasing fan engagement is just one of the advantages of making digital currency, or Fan Tokens, available via a Fan Tokens Offerings (FTO). Clubs in Europe are embracing the concept, and fans are enjoying participating via Apps like the Fan Voting & Reads App.


By launching new digital channels and formats for generating engagement with their global audience, teams like the famous Barcelona FC are showing leadership not only on the field of play, but in the field of Blockchain partnerships and sports marketing.


Tokenization is the process of representing a fractionalized ownership stake in a real estate asset through a blockchain-based security token. And it’s having a significant and profoundly positive impact on the real estate industry.

Sports Illustrated

By planning to convert his contract into a tradable financial asset, the NBA’s Spencer Dinwiddie is pioneering an innovative concept with complex implications for NBA players and the league.

Deloitte Inside Magazine

Tokenization of assets is already a legitimate disruption of the financial industry. In the near future it will make the financial industry more accessible and easier, and has the potential to unlock trillions in currently illiquid assets.