Overview And Experience

Sports Director - Europe

Taqwa Pinero

Taqwa Pinero, formerly known as Taquan Dean, was a four year player at The University of Louisville under the guidance of Hall of Fame Coach Rick Pitino. He led the University to the Final 4 in 2005, scored 1,657 points, and still holds the most three pointers made in school history.

In 2006 Pinero started his pro career in Italy. He played in 7 different countries during his 15 year career.

Transitioning from player to business, Pinero is taking all the knowledge he’s gathered throughout his career and sharing it with the next generation of players and kids who dare to dream. Pinero’s history and relationships around the world will help transition his career to business at Counterpointe Sports Group. Pinero received his BA in Justice Administration from The University of Louisville.

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