Overview And Experience

President & Co-Founder

David M. Otto

David has 33 years of experience, focusing on finance and corporate law in the fields of technology, digital media & assets, software and a wide variety of venture stage companies. He has extensive experience in corporate finance, securities, mergers & acquisitions, capital markets and related regulatory matters. A Managing Partner at Martin Davis, PLLC in Seattle, he is a thought leader on decentralized business models, token economics and regulatory compliance. His firm works to streamline the legal and contractual processes necessary to launch blockchain technology projects.

In March, 2020, David was admitted to practice law before the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States, the most prestigious association of attorneys in the country. Lawyers admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court are considered members of the legal elite, helping further refine and build upon the work of the Court, thereby ensuring the ongoing legitimacy of the Court and the Court’s commitment to the pursuit of justice.

David is the chair of Lawyers Helping Hungry Children (LHHC), a non-profit organization that believes no child should ever experience hunger and is fighting childhood hunger and malnutrition through fundraising, advocacy and service. David has a BA from Harvard University, and a JD from Fordham University School of Law. His areas of focus include corporate finance and securities, supply chain, and financial services.

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